Egg Products

Willamette Egg Farms’ egg products make it easy to serve delicious, fresh egg dishes. The simple-to-use refrigerated products eliminate virtually all egg preparation and can be used anywhere in place of whole eggs. In addition to preparation convenience, liquid eggs offer efficiencies in storage, labor, workspace, product yield and waste management. Willamette Egg Farms’ liquid eggs are pasteurized and produced under a Best Practices Management program. The following are available in cartons, bags and totes:

  • Liquid Whole Eggs
  • Liquid Whole Egg with Citric
  • Liquid Plain Yolks
  • Liquid Egg Whites
  • Frozen Whole Eggs
  • Frozen Liquid Eggs
  • Frozen Egg Whites
  • Frozen Sugared Yolks
Frozen Liquid Eggs

Frozen Liquid Eggs

Liquid Eggs

Liquid Eggs


Click here for a full list of our egg products. Liquid eggs are not currently available in retail locations. Learn more about how we process our liquid eggs in the video below: