A Rich History of Family Farming from 1934 to Today

Our Beginning
In 1934, Talmer (“Tom”) Dybvad set out to share his farm’s top-quality eggs with the Willamette Valley. After a successful trip to Portland to establish a base of local customers, he began selling eggs to grocery stores, fine hotels and hospitals. Willamette Egg Farms’ first hen house held about 400 hens and eggs were delivered in a 1931 Model A Ford. The farm committed then to only fulfill orders with eggs that met the highest standards of quality and care.

Continuing the Same Quality
Today, Willamette Egg Farms is one of Oregon’s largest egg farms, and our commitment to quality has remained the same. We are proud to help define standards for premium egg production and hen care. Our farm’s success can be attributed to our team’s dedication to raising healthy, comfortable hens, and building strong relationships within our community.

In 2021, Willamette Egg Farms proudly joined Versova’s family of companies, an organization with matching values to those that Willamette was built on. We continue to be owned and operated by a family-owned company that has deep roots in egg production.