Our Values

As part of Versova’s family of companies, our team operates under Versova’s guiding principles which include servant leadership, continuous improvement, efficiency, stewardship, quality and compliance and execution.

As a food producer, we are committed to providing the best care for our flocks in order to produce the safest, highest-quality egg product for our consumers. We operate each of our facilities with high regard for our environment, dedication to being good neighbors within our community, and commitment to being a respectful and responsible employer.

Food Safety
At Willamette Egg Farms, we pride ourselves on our food safety and quality assurance programs. We seek to exceed standard food safety practices and guidelines for our industry and provide the highest-quality egg products to our customers.

In addition to our own third-party audited quality control program, full-time USDA supervision at our facilities helps guarantee the accuracy of our shell egg grading and egg quality. We also follow a Best Management Practices regimen based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Program (HACCP). In addition, our team members participate in ongoing, intensive training to understand our food safety and handling procedures and policies.

Animal Welfare
At Willamette Egg Farms, we know that healthy hens lay the best eggs. We are committed to providing our hens with comfortable and safe living environments that exceed nationally recognized hen welfare guidelines. Because of this commitment, we are continually innovating and adapting new technologies and practices to improve hen well-being.

Our hen housing includes spacious systems that allow hens to stand comfortably, turn around, lie down and stretch their wings, adequate protection from predators, and controlled temperatures so our flocks stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Our dedicated employees ensure that our hens live in a safe and healthy environment by providing constant access to fresh feed and water and by carefully monitoring their well-being. New team members who work with our hens receive in-depth training on proper handling, which meets Willamette Egg Farms’ animal welfare standards. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any employee that does not comply with the company, regulatory, and industry standards we enforce.

Environmental Impact
Willamette Egg Farms operates each of its facilities with high regard for the environment and with commitment to being good neighbors within our communities. Our farms follow and enforce a manure management system that’s in place across all of Versova’s farms. In addition, our teams compost and recycle where possible, implement effective procedures that conserve energy and water and recycle and conserve nutrients and manure for use by local farmers. Trillium Farms employees also receive training on our environmental sustainability practices, which are continually reviewed for improvement.

Employee Well-Being
To continue to succeed, Willamette Egg Farms is dependent upon the efforts of our more than 200 dedicated employees. From caring for our flocks and protecting the environment to producing safe, nutritious eggs, our team at Willamette Egg Farms is guided by a core set of values, which include integrity, ownership, excellence, recognition, initiative, service, community, respect, and safety and security.

We are always looking for hard-working employees to join our teams! Learn about our current openings on our Employment page.