Our Values

In order to remain a sustainable, community-focused business, we at Willamette Egg Farms work toward the highest standards and practices:

Supporting a New Standard for Quality
As a third-generation, family-owned farm, Willamette Egg Farms has consistently been a forerunner in helping define high standards in the egg industry. That is why we are proud to announce our continued support for the federal legislation introduced to Congress in early 2012. The new legislation will raise the national standards for humane housing and care of egg-laying hens. As a longtime supporter of modernized standards in the Northwest and a member of the United Egg Producers, our farm is already working toward meeting these standards. We are committed to providing excellent hen care and producing the finest quality eggs for years to come.
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According to United Egg Producers, the proposed legislation would:

  • Require conventional cages (currently used by more than 90 percent of the egg industry) to be replaced, through an ample phase-in period, with new, enriched housing systems that provide each hen nearly double the amount of space they’re currently allotted.
  • Require that all egg-laying hens be provided, through the new enriched housing system, with environments that will allow hens to express natural behaviors, such as perches, nesting boxes, and scratching areas.
  • Mandate labeling on all egg cartons nationwide to inform consumers of the method used to produce the eggs, such as “eggs from caged hens,” “eggs from hens in enriched cages,” “eggs from cage-free hens,” and “eggs from free-range hens.”
  • Prohibit feed- or water-withholding molting to extend the laying cycle, a practice already prohibited by the United Egg Producers Certified program adhered to by a majority of egg farmers.
  • Require standards approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association for euthanasia for egg laying hens; prohibit excessive ammonia levels in henhouses.
  • Prohibit the sale of eggs and egg products nationwide that don’t meet these requirements.


Food Safety
At Willamette Egg Farms, we pride ourselves on our food safety and quality assurance programs in order to provide the finest locally-produced eggs and egg products.  We strive for excellence at every opportunity, and seek to exceed the standard food safety practices and guidelines for our industry.
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We believe a high level of care and attention to detail is necessary to ensure the food your family puts on its table is the very best. In addition to our own third-party audited quality control program, full-time USDA supervision at our facilities helps guarantee the accuracy of our shell egg grading and egg quality. We also follow a Best Management Practices regimen based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Program (HACCP). Our comprehensive egg quality assurance program focuses on:

  • Poultry house cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Environmental testing
  • Salmonella prevention
  • Proper egg washing
  • Biosecurity
  • Refrigeration


Animal Welfare
Simply put, healthy hens lay the best eggs. We are committed to providing our hens with the best possible living environments where they are allotted tranquility, security and safety that exceed nationally recognized hen welfare guidelines. Because of this commitment, we are continually innovating and adapting new technologies and practices to improve hen comfort.
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We provide our hens an environment that provides well-being and safety through practices such as:

  • Spacious systems that allow hens to stand comfortably, turn around, lie down and stretch their wings
  • Adequate protection from predators
  • Controlled temperatures in hen houses so our hens stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter


Environmental Impact
We’re continually working toward minimizing our environmental impact by improving and maintaining our facilities to protect air and water quality and reduce energy consumption. Some recent investments as examples of this commitment include:

  • High efficiency fluorescent and LED lighting in hen houses to reduce energy consumption
  • Process waste water treatment system and storage to clean and recycle water for crop irrigation
  • Manure drying systems, which utilize warm air from hen houses to produce value-added organic fertilizer


Employee Well-Being

It is our goal to continue to see Willamette Egg Farms grow and provide high quality products and service to our customers. To accomplish this we are dependent upon the efforts of our dedicated employees, and strive to provide an environment where they can enjoy a level of job security, a sense of accomplishment and appreciation for a job well done. To learn more about employment at Willamette Egg Farms, please visit our Employment page.


Economic Viability
It is our belief that we will only truly be sustainable as a farm if we can accomplish all of these goals while still offering our products at an affordable price to Northwest families as we have continued to do since 1934.